Valentine's Day Gift Set, 9th and Larkin x David Upchurch Chocolatier


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For Valentine's Day, David has partnered with 9th and Larkin to bring you this very limited edition gift box.

A little warm summer taste in the middle of winter to keep you and your love ones warm.

Here is what is in this special box:
- Tropical Kisses pate de fruit made by David Upchurch: David made this pate de fruit with Honduran cacao fruit, lychee and a bit of white wine. Fruity, floral, refreshing, the flavor comes in layer!  35 grams
- 9th & Larkin Tanzania Kokoa Kamili 72% cacao: made with cacao beans, cane sugar and cocoa butter. This bar is fruity, with notes of cherry, berries, raisin, and a slight lemon tang. 30 grams
- Tropical Breeze: 9th & Larkin's Tanzania bar, topped with David's Tropical Kisses Pate de Fruit and roasted cacao nibs.  35 grams

This is only available for pickup. You can pickup up your order from David at the Stonestown Farmer's Market on Sunday from 9am - 1pm.

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