Mission Figs


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Mission Figs

Richly flavored, sweet and earthy, figs are terrific with chocolate.  These are dipped in our most unusual 70% chocolate made of flash roasted cocoa from Apovinces cooperative, Los Rios, Ecuador.  This cocoa is heirloom designated by HCP.org. The chocolate has light fruit flavor, a light acidity, so a nice pairing with the fig.  A garnish of house-made apricot powder is sprinkled over them.  This powder adds bright note of acidity to spark the sweet fig.

These figs pair wonderfully with beverages, deep flavored teas, with Port or dessert wines. Pair them with cheeses and charcuterie for beautiful addtion to your presentation board. Easy to share and photogenic, they are lovely gift for party hosts.

This varietal of fig was likely brought to California by the Spanish.  As a staple crop of the Spanish missions along the Camino Real through California, these figs have become integral and loved in our culinary culture. 


Ingredients: Figs ( treated with potassium sorbate ), 70% chocolate ( cocoa bean, sugar, sunflower lecithin ), apricot,

five to six pieces per box, 32 grams, 1.1 ounce

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