Pâte de Fruit, seasonal flavors from local farms


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our current flavor is Strawberry + Rioja rosé
Strawberries grown near the Monterey Bay, by Rodriguez Farms, are peak of season.  We blend these with a dry Spanish Rioja rosé wine.  Adding wine to the confection gives it a lighter and softer texture. As well, with wine we are abe to play of acidity and other flavor notes. We source our wines with the team at Noe Valley Wine and Spirits.

Pâte de Fruit is a classic French confection for preserving seasonal fruit. It allows great creativity and play of seasonal flavors. Let these confections linger on your palate. The flavors will open for you. (pronounce it a bit like 'pot de fruw-we')


allergens: may contain wine sulfites

ingredients: This product is plant based and uses conventional filtered sugar. fruit puree, wine, cane sugar, glucose, pectin, tartaric acid. contains less than 5% alcohol.

eight pieces, net weight 2.4oz, 70g

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