Pâte de Fruit, flavors of the season


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Bright and dark red flavors for the Winter Season

This season's set includes raspberry and cassis.  

Ortiz Brothers in Salinas, CA harvest raspberries each week for the farmers market, so I get them freshly picked. I process the fruit into puree and freeze it right away. The Autumn raspberries are deeply flavored and fantatastic. At the end of cooking, a splash of red raspberry liqueur is added, a flaovor kick of concentrated fruit by Saint George Spirits.

Cassis is imported. Processed in France by a well know purveor. I have preppared the cassis with Pinot Noir, vanilla bean and allspice liqueur, Saint Elizabeth. The flavors are bright and deep, with the red wine aromas enhanced with vanilla bean and spice. Both of these flavors include alcohol, a very small amount. 

ingredients: organic or local fruit puree, cane sugar (organic and conventional), wine (may include sulfites), glucose, pectin, liqueur (alcohol) tartaric or citric acid. Less than 0.5% alcohol by weight. 

gelatine is not used in this product.

8 pieces, 68g, 2.4oz

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