Pâte de Fruit, flavors of the season


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Spring and floral aromas are the inspiration for this set of two flavors

First is blood orange with spice and Elderflower. Second is mandarin orange with orange blossom water. 

Local fruits are used rather than industrial purees, this means that flavors will change frequently following the seasons and my inspirations. Fruit fresh from AIM farmers markets or local friends' gardens are my sources. Industrial purees are avoided unless I choose something more rare or not from our local markets.

What is Pâte de Fruit? It is like an old-school gummie bear, a classic French confection of seasonal fruit. It is cooked very much like jam. Bursting with bright fuit flavor with infusions or additions that seem fun for the season. See my blog post on this site for a bit more detial on this confection. 

Sources: Noe Valley Wine and Spirits for wines and liquers.  AIM farmers markets for fruits and other infusions. Ortiz Brothers berries. Inzana ranch, and others for citrus and fruit. 

ingredients: organic or local fruit puree, cane sugar (organic and conventional), wine (may include sulfites), glucose, pectin, tartaric or citric acid.

gelatine is not used in this product.

8 pieces, 68g, 2.4oz

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