What's At The Market

We offer small batch confections that reflect the seasons and flavors of the market. These small batches won't last long so please do stop by to see what is new.

Let's play with it. #playwithyourfood
Confections & Chocolate
Rochers of almonds, coffee and 70% dark chocolate.Almonds are lightly caramelized and roasted dark. These are stirred into 70% chocolate, cocoa butter, a bit of sea salt, and freshly ground coffee.

Tasting thoughts: These are terrific as a snack or to pair with beverages, wines, cocktails or cheeses and desserts. 

crunchy + savory + sweet + roasty + rich

Sources: Winters Fruit Tree, Conexion Chocolates and Forteleza del Valle coop, Noe Valley Coffee Co.
A classic French caramel, soft and rich, fills a shell of 72% bittersweet chocolate.

To create this caramel, cream and salted butter from Sonoma county are blended with burnt sugar and finished with Maldon sea salt. A bittersweet chocolate, crafted from Direct-Trade Ecuadorian cocoa, offers a balance to sweetness and lingers on the palate.

Tasting thoughts: butter + caramel, classic elegance

Sources: Clover Dairy Sonoma County, Felchlin direct-trade chocolates
We offer a range of handmade bars in various styles. 

Our gorgeous Ecuadorian chocolate, made in Quito, is the highlight of our bar flavors.
Pâte de Fruit is a classic French confection for preserving seasonal fruit. 

It allows great creativity and play of seasonal flavors. Let these confections linger on your palate. The flavors will open for you. (Pronounce it a bit like 'pot de fruw-we')

Seasonal flavors are available to purchase both at the Market and on our site.
Seasonal Specials
Seasonal Figs

Dried Mission figs dipped in chocolate made of flash roasted cocoa, garnished with bright apricot powder and flowers.
We have pâte de fruit of winter fruit. The flavors change with the seasons and inspirations. 

White guava grown near Salinas, CA, from Brokaw farms is coming in now. This puree of guava is blended with sweet Meyer lemons from friends' gardens, and bright white wine, vinho verde. Blood Orange juice and Prosecco, a classic combination. For the Valentine season we have a blend of imported lychee fruit and cassis.