Chocolate is entwined with humanity, our celebrations and our struggles. Chocolate represents luxury and our fragile planet. It is sensuous and it is fun. Chocolate is Theobroma cacao, the Gift of the Gods. My goal is to create experiences with chocolate that are delicious, enlightening, and soulful as well. Let's explore.

Market Updates

October marked my one year anniversary at the Stonestown market.


The market is open and thriving.  It has been a blessing during uncertain times with covid.  The market is outdoors, vendors are well spaced, and it is well managed for our saftey.  The market is a welcoming and safe place to socialize and shop outdoors in brisk ocean- fresh air.  Social distancing restrictions are relaxing and with that live music and cafe seating have returned.

Please come by and so hello. 

Stonestown Farmers Market
We are delighted to announce that David will be joining the Stonestown Farmers Market! We will offer small batch confections that reflect the seasons and flavors of the market. These small batches won't last long so please do stop by to see what is new.

Every Sunday from 9AM - 1PM 
501 Buckingham Way, San Francisco, CA 94132

More about the market here

Explore the chocolate and confections David is offering at the market


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