Chocolate is entwined with humanity, our celebrations and our struggles. Chocolate represents luxury and our fragile planet. It is sensuous and it is fun. Chocolate is Theobroma cacao, the Gift of the Gods. My goal is to create experiences with chocolate that are delicious, enlightening, and soulful as well.

Let's explore.

photo credit to Estelle Tracey @37chocolates



Spring is budding up and blooming

The winter I spent in Paris was so cold and so wet, like none I had experienced. Icebergs floated in Seine. Gorgeous white snow built up on plazas and parks, and then turned to black sludge. It was an adventure; and certainly one aspect of the reason

that Spring in Paris was so very glorious. 


Spring and chocolate are a delightful paring.

The air is cool. The sun is brighter and nature's colors are blooming all around us.  That Spring in Paris, the city literllay bloomed with flowers and chocolate.


As we know it, chocoate is a European invention of the late 19th century.  Much of our shared nostalgia for chocolate is rooted in the turn of the 19th and 20th centuries.  I am a romantic.  I enjoy Spring and all that we celebrate with this season and chocolate. 


Nostalgia, can you see it in these chocolate rabbits?


These figures are cast from molds of early 20th century manufactured by Anton Reiche.  I have collected some antiques and some copies.  I find them delightful and perfect souvenirs for this season.  Look for them in the webshop around March 25th.


These are difficult to ship but easy to reserve and pickup. 


The webstore is open. A selection of my most popular products are stocked. 


Your patience please... this website is a work in progress.  I am a chocolatier not a webmaster.

Feel free to contact me via email or instagram DM.

I am ready to take questions and assist with gifts. 

Stonestown Farmers Market

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