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Chocolate is entwined with humanity, our celebrations and our struggles. Chocolate represents luxury and our fragile planet. It is sensuous and it is fun. Chocolate is Theobroma cacao, the Gift of the Gods. My goal is to create experiences with chocolate that are delicious, enlightening, and soulful as well.

Let's explore.

photo credit to Estelle Tracey @37chocolates

Welcome Winter


Lunar New Year and

the Super Bowl

and Valentines Day, 

all converge this year around Sunday February 11.


This year is so far, quite amazing, and with lots of rain

for us in northern California.

 2024 is also a Dragon year in the Chinese horoscope. 



The webshop is open with popular items,

and those that are easily shipped.

Please email or, if you are local, please visit me at a

local market to see more of what I offer for the season.

Noe Valley Farmers Market

second Saturday of very month,

find me here for your gift needs

and to stock up your chocolate pantry

March 09, Easter weekend - March 30, 

April 13, May 11, June 08


Saturdays 8am to 1pm

at the Noe Valley Townsquare

The location is on 24th Street near Church, across from Martha's Coffee. 

Parking can be difficult in the neighborhood on Saturdays.

The J-Church is steps away. BART 24th Street is a 10 minute walk away. 

Stonestown Farmers Market

Farmers markets are brillant places to shop. We find the best local produce from local farmers and we find all sorts of artisan makers.  Please explore and support the extraordinary farmers markets in your area.  

Every Sunday from 9AM - 1PM 

google map it!
501 Buckingham Way, San Francisco, CA 94132


easy access, easy parking, fantastic vendors,

organized by AIM, Agriculture Institue of Marin