Finca Alazan, Costa Rica
We offer you Direct Trade Chocolate
Transparency and a high regard for farmers' communities that have a vision for sustaining cocoa production as a viable crop are goals of the direct trade ethos. In addition to the fresh produce from local farms that is always featured in our confections, we choose chocolates that are highly ethical by working with chocolate makers who trade directly with farmers. Click the link to learn more about your chocolate.
Our Partners
David, in the back with a hat, pictured in the Ecuadorian Amazon with members of the Kallari collective and members of an expedition with Conexion Chocolates. May 2019.
Heirloom Cacao Preservation
For a deeper dive into the work of preservation of fragile varietals of cacao, identifying genetics of cacao, and other work by HCP, click the link. There are now 16 Heirloom Cacao designations around our planet. Ecuador has the highest concentration of these. We offer you those heirloom varietals produced by Conexión Chocolates.
Conexión Chocolates
The name tells you the story. Conexión works directly with farmers, empowering them with sustainable production practices of Arriba Naçional Cacao and heirloom varietals. Ecuador is the largest producer of fine grade cacao on our planet.
Felchlin Chocolates
A family-owned chocolate company since 1908, Felchlin uses the guideline fair direct cacao in optimizing practices and production of fine grade cocoa in underdeveloped cacao origins to improves farmers’ livelihoods and land use.
Fine Cocoa and Chocolate Institute
This team of researchers and educators is based around Harvard University. They are making great strides in progress for the new chocolate movement. Their goal is to empower farmers with skills to produce high grade cocoa and empower their own lives, essentially reversing the colonial foundation of modern chocolate production. This is a deep rabbit hole into the politics, culture, and power around chocolate. Click the link to know more about your chocolate.
Agricultural Institute of Marin
AIM serves 350+ farmers, food purveyors, and artisans from 38 California counties who participate in AIM’s eight Certified Farmers Markets across the Bay Area. Their goal is to showcase the benefits of buying locally grown, raised, sourced and products directly from the producer. Click the link to learn more about their mission and markets.